"Naatya Kousthubh Nrithyotsav 2013" All Indian Classical Dance Festival

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Born to Mr. Venkayya Naidu and Mrs.Vanajakshiyamma, in a well to do family in Simhapuri (Nellore, AP), Anupama Mohan had ample oppertunity to develop her talents. Her father, a business magnet, was an ardent lover of art and also a kind hearted person who encouraged the art lovers who belonged to the poor sections of the society.
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Kuchipudi is one such unique form of Art which is the tasteful blend of grace and vigour, elevation and sensuality, of control and abandon. With its roots buried in the soil of Andhra Pradesh in India, Kuchipudi was born in a remote Village from which it derived its name. In the early days, the Kuchipudi style of dance was in the form of dance dramas, the main purpose being to inculcate divine ecstasy which invokes immortal bliss and brings one closer to the path of salvation .It is strictly classical in nature incorporating Lasya, Thandava and Abinaya in the interpretation of Slokas. Read more