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Born to Mr. Venkayya Naidu and Mrs.Vanajakshiyamma, in a well to do family in Simhapuri (Nellore, AP), Anupama Mohan had ample oppertunity to develop her talents. Her father, a business magnet, was an ardent lover of art and also a kind hearted person who encouraged the art lovers who belonged to the poor sections of the society.

Art loving parents discovered the hidden talent of their daughter in dance and soon they approached Guru Shri. Kota Subramanya Shastry of Nellore. Till age eight, she undertook training under him and was credited with as many as hundred performances in Andhrapradesh. Then she was gifted to be the disciple of Padmabhushan Shri. Dr.Vempatti Chinnasathyam. Under his training, she was moulded to an expert dancer. Her devotion and dedication for the art form made her learning under the Gurukula Sampradaya more effective. Under his guidance she gave lot of performances inside and outside the country. In her 16 years training under Guru Vempatti Chinnasathyam, she has won the criticism of many expert critics like Mr. Subbudu, Mr. V.A.K Rangarao and many others.

Mr.Mohan, a Malayalam film director, impressed by her performance, invited her to act in his movie and later invited her to his life. Now settled in Cochin, Kerala with two children, Anupama Mohan has devoted her time to promote this classical dance forms. She is running an academy for Kuchipudi dance ( Sathyaanjali Academy of Kuchipudi Dance) as a token of gratitude towards her legend Guru, in his name.