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"Naatya Kousthubh Nrithyotsav – 2013" All Indian Classical Dance Festival - View Detail
A life in Kuchipudi

The credit for redefining Kuchipudi dance by expounding it on the basis of Natyasastra goes to veteran guru Vempatti Chinna Sathyam. Anupama Mohan, one of his fondest disciples and an outstanding performer, considers it a rare privilege to have been associated with the efforts of her guru during these historic attempts. [Read More]

Dedicated to Kuchipudi

Anupama Mohan searches the far recess of her memory to find a reason for her identity as a Kuchipudi dancer. And all she sees is herself dancing since the time she was around three years of age. [Read More]

On a mission to popularise Kuchipudi

Few heroines in Indian classical dances are as enchanting as Satyabhama in Kuchipudi. But until a few decades ago, women did not have the privilege to play this most feminine and graceful of female characters, as Kuchipudi was performed only by men, and mostly in ballet form. Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma's portrayal of Satyabhama still inspires awe among spectators. [Read More]

Interview for
Anupama Mohan - A Kuchipudi dancer [Read More]

International Federation of Kuchipudi Artists (IFKA) Launched at Ravindra Bharathi

Kuchipudi dance by Anupama Mohan Sathyaanjali Academy of Kuchipudi

Silicon Andhra Dance Programe

Chief Guest at  Natyasaraswathi Academy - Bangalore

Silicon Andhra 2nd International Kuchipudi Dance Convention

Boon for kuchipudi enthusiasts

Performance for the 5th Vysakhi Nrityotsav at VISAKHAPATNAM



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